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A brand called Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has just turned 50, #LoveMK is all over the place … and a song has captured the remarkable stuff that ‘gets under your skin’ and makes this city a brand in its own right. Have a listen ‘We’re Lovin’ MK’ was written by John Hawkes, sung by Jenny Murray and produced by Steve...
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Thanks for Never Giving Up

This month we salute 3 leaders for their persistence, endurance and passion and for the benefits the world continues to receive from the campaigns they created and fought tirelessly to bring to fruition. First we recognise Sarah Josepha Hale for conceiving of the idea of an annual day of Thanksgiving and campaigning for 36 years...
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Jingle All the Way

Penned by pop songwriter Leslie Pearl in 1984, ‘The Best Part Of Wakin’ Up Is Folgers In Your Cup’ jingle still sits at the center of the brand’s advertising.  In fact the coffee brand is so committed to this famous ditty, it invites consumers to have a go at their own interpretation of it in...
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Ikea Idea

Ikea’s proposition for ‘making room for your life’ is beautifully delivered by stylishly combining the brand’s design credentials with its functional storage solutions and of course the human insight that life is a lot better when stuff isn’t cluttering things up.   Set that to the track ‘Living Together’ and bingo, you’ve got something that’s even...
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Bowl of Super to Start

For a few big brands, Super Bowl is the grand stage to start their ad messages rolling for the year.   For some, it will spark a few social media remarks and maybe a bit of chatter at the proverbial water cooler.  For others, it will be more than that – it will add another...
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Flying Loud

Today, the world lost one of the best brand creators of all time — Jim Marshall.  Known as the ‘father of loud’, he saw a gap in the market back in the 1960s and combined his passion for music, cabinetry, teaching, engineering, sales and marketing to create one of the coolest brands on earth. His story...
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I'll be there cover artwork

Music lifts a brand

Music can really make a brand fly. It adds depth and emotional context to the message you’re trying to get across. You can set your brand to some existing music. (And, covers certainly seem to be the preferred choice these days for all sorts of reasons – familiarity, pre-sold popularity, speed of production, etc.). Hats...
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A Voice Can Do a World of Good

Every two years an event takes place around the world in which voices ring out in support of hospice care. This year World Hospice Day occurs on October 8th in communities everywhere to raise awareness and funds for their local hospices. In our community, many voices are coming together at a very special multi-choir event supported by the Friends of...
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How to make a swan fly

For over 30 years, Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes UK, has provided exemplary care for people with life limiting illnesses.  The main hospice building sits alongside a pretty lake which is home to some magnificent swans.   Not surprisingly, a swan has been the centrepiece of this particular Hospice’s identity for many years — dually symbolic for the graceful dignity it portrays above...
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